Get dunked at Strand Water Park

Thigns to do with Kids in Townsville

FREE fun for the whole family – Strand Water Park


The Water Park was rejuvenated in 2016, adding slides to the iconic ‘bucket’. There is an abundance of water play equipment, and it is situated on soft fall with seating around half the perimeter, wear your swimmers too parents as you can sit in the cool while watching the little ones over 5 have fun. Signage asks that children under 5 are kept at arms length, with a vital reminder that the Lifeguards are there to save lives for everyone, parents are there to supervise their childrn.


The bucket is massive and holds 1000 litres of water and squeals of laughter can be heard as it ‘dumps’ on those under it every 5 minutes, so much fun!

There are various levels of slides so children with different levels of confidence can choose what they are comfortable with and then challenge themselves further.

The water guns are super fun and kids can spend ages trying to hit each other with them

Opening Hours

10am – 6pm, April – November
9am – 8pm, December – March
Strand Water Park is closed every Tuesday for maintenance except during public school holidays.

For all other current opening hours and information head to the Townsville City Council website HERE


Surrounding the area are toilets/change rooms, BBQ’s, plenty of paths for scooting and riding bikes and playgrounds. Heading to the Water Park with a picnic or BBQ is a favourite activity and kids party option for families and many hours can be spent having fun in the area due to the diversity of activities. Take a ball and play games on the grass or on windy days a kite down on the sand is another way to keep kids outdoors and active.



Things to do with Kids in Townsville

Things to do with Kids in Townsville

Things to do with Kids in Townsville

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