Soccer Fun for Kids aged 2 – 12 years

Looking for an activity for your kids?

Come join Grasshopper Soccer for outdoor, active, fun, non-competitive, basic soccer skills and games! The kids are being fit and healthy and like hidden vegetables in spaghetti, they have no idea.

Who is it for?

Our program is for boys and girls aged 2 – 12 years with an emphasis on the fact sport can be fun. Our goal is for kids to see sport as fun and not something you ditch as soon as your parents let you.

Our coaches are all dedicated to working with children. Each child joins us with varied levels of skills, social abilities and desire. We have watched children develop from screaming they didn’t want to play on their first lesson to then running from the car to find their coach as they progressed through the program. That is what we love to see.

Soccer for Kids in Townsville

What do they do?

2 & 3 year olds MiteE Class

A parent led class (yep you get active and have fun as well). Parents will work with the coaches guiding their children through games and an obstacle course where they learn very basic skills of kicking, stopping the ball and dribbling. Tickles and laughter a plenty in this class.

4 & 5 year olds Pint Size Class

Parent involvement in this class some weeks as we progress the children through some harder skills, especially tricky with this class is differentiating big kicks and little kicks. Children are introduced to a game concept for the first time with 1 vs 1 at the end of each class. New challenges for our little Pints in this class.

6 & 7 year olds Intro to Micro Class & 8 to 12 year olds Micro Class

Parents bring a blanket and sit back and relax for these classes which are very similar in nature.

In these classes children will step up their basic skills of kicking (again still working on big and small kicks, they all like big kicks) stopping the ball and dribbling. We also add teamwork, the children will play a maximum of 7 vs 7 at the end of class each week. This game has modified rules allowing the coaches to re-direct the play to ensure all children are having a go and practicing their skills, which generally boosts their confidence to giving it a go themselves. Children really start to enjoy taking on the coaches during the games in our Micro classes which makes a lot of fun for everyone.

In all of our classes we encourage sportsmanship. We do this encouraging children to high five each other, their coaches/parents and encouraging each other. Some examples include if the goalie lets the ball in – no worries you will get the next one. A child falls down on the opposite team – help them up, are you ok? Being non-competitive in nature gives us the ability to encourage some additional social skills.

Soccer for Kids in Townsvile

How do I sign up?

Grasshopper Soccer Townsville offers free trial classes allowing you to be sure our program is suited to your family. Bookings are essential as our class numbers are monitored and capped to ensure appropriate coach to child ratio.

Our classes run for 8 weeks each school term, generally starting the first weekend of term. You can enroll in our classes at any point during the term and only pay for the remainder classes.

We have a uniform but it is not compulsory, again our first aim is for kids to just be active! Sometimes we have second hand uniforms and any sales from those is donated to Charity. Normal sandshoes, hats and water bottles is all your children need to play.

Classes currently in Kirwan, Burdell, Mount Louisa Mundingburra and West End.

For more information call Sterling 0488 097 339 or email or message us on Facebook Grasshopper Soccer Townsville

We look forward to meeting you and helping your little grasshopper with their love for sport.

Soccer for Kids in Townsville