Our hunt for the Maze in Queens Gardens

Our Hunt for the Maze in Queens Gardens


We had the pleasure recently of taking our 2 TKids on an adventure to Queen’s Gardens. Lured by the promise of a hedge maze we had 2 very excited 5 year olds!


As you can imagine our Tkids were very impatient to get straight to the maze. Unfortunately for them, their Mother’s walked straight past the clearly marked map and headed in the wrong direction! Our adventure had started.


About 3 steps into our trip, TKid 1 somehow managed to get “attacked” by a mysterious creature, well if the screams, jumping around and the flailing arms were anything to go by! Obviously as his mother I jumped into action t help him. By that I mean I also screamed and started backing away as fast as I could. Luckily our wonderfully sensible TKid 2 came to the rescue and we discovered the culprit was some worms  that had made their way onto TKid 1 shorts form a plant he had brushed by… If anyone asks they were huge and angry with big teeth… worms relocated we continued on our way.


Our first stop was the rainforest area. Filled with lots of twists and turns through all the lush plants and trees, it is like  a maze itself! The kids loved finding all the different ways to get through the rainforest and saw lots of different plants and rocks Make sure you get your kids to also look up as there are some amazing plants growing off some of the trees, makes for some great conversations about how plants look for the sunlight to grow.


We made it out of the rainforest alive and headed towards the events lawn. There is a beautiful big tree there that is just begging for a picnic blanket to be put down underneath it. I had a flashback to being a kid when we used to make pet rock houses out of the tree roots. Tehre are also some lovely concerts held in the area on a fairly regular basis organised by Townsville City Council.


Exploring a little more we ended up a the Aviaries. Unfortunately at the moment these are empty due to the ageing facilities. The could has relocated the birds to keep them safe as they current structures are not providing appropriate protection of the birds from snakes. Council are currently undertaking future planning for this area and their most recent updated can be found on their website here


Finally we came to the mazes! TaDah! These were a massive hit with the boys. There are 2 hedge mazes separated by the main walkway. Great for hide and go seek and races to see who gets out first. The hedges are a great height, no little heads can be seen running back and forth. We Mum’s also enjoyed the challenge of the maze, or maybe it was how quiet the kids were as they really wanted to hide! Eventually the little giggles and the rustle of the bushes were a dead giveaway. This a very popular for kids and adults alike, and got quite busy as the morning went on. Fantastic way to engage with your kids and crate new challenges and games.


Dragging the boys away we got to go see the cactus, herb and rose gardens. Wrong time of year for the Roses whilst we were there but I  have heard it’s a prolific sight when thy are all in full bloom. Down the back of the gardens there is also a small playground. This playground has 2 swings, a rope climbing structure and 4 small sandpits. Nearby is a set of toilets and within about 10m a table to sit at. Great spot for outdoor birthday parties.


My advice for Queens Gardens would be to make a morning of it and pack yourself a picnic ad enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Lots to look at and do with the kids. Mozzie spray is a must and if you’re wanting to set up on one of the tables around the garden, bring some wipes or a table cloth as the trees drop lots of mess onto the tables.


The backdrop of Castle Hill also makes for some fabulous photos and you’ re so close to The Strand you could go grab an ice cream afterwards, our favourite just might be Juliets!


There is ample parking and multiple entry points to the gardens. Just beware of the vicious worms!!