Eden Park

Parks & Playgrounds in Townsville

Address:  Eden Park Drive, Jensen (Off Darling Rd, Jensen)

Equipment/ Amenities/Facilities

Swings – Baby and Older

Slide  – Toddler

Springers – No

Climbing Equipment – Toddler

Seating – Park Bench x 1 and Gazebo with Table & Chair

Parking – 2 parks off (insert road) Other than that parking at the display centre across the road looks best.

Fenced – No

Ground Cover – Softfall

Shade – Shade Sail’s over the equipment, dependent on time of day depends on coverage. These photos were about 3pm.

Toilets – No

BBQ – No

Water Fountain – Yes

Nearby Facilities/Area – Grassland, Basketball Court, Residential Area


Parks & Playgrounds in Townsville